Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Our Idle Pops will begin at 4pm with dinner at 6pm on Sunday 9th December 2007.

$25 adults
$10 children 16 years and under

remember to let Matt know if you are performing.


Sydney Pop Choir's next gig is at the Out of the Blues Singers' Cabaret on Saturday 10th November 2007 in Port Kembla.

Sydney Pop Choir will opening the second half of the show.

Our repertoire will be

  1. I Want You Back

  2. Fever/Light My Fire

  3. Fields of Gold

  4. Stand by Me

  5. Brain Damage

  6. Farewell & Goodnight

  7. Freedom train - to be sung with Out of the Blue Singers

DRESS -Women

Black pants

Black closed in shoes

Black long sleeved or three quarter sleeved T-shirt

Black and silver sparkle collars which will be given to you at the concert.

RED lipstick


Black pants

Black closed in shoes

Black long sleeved shirt

RED tie.

You need to arrive & be ready in time for the allocated sound check of 6.15pm. Please don't underestimate the time it may take you to travel there. It really is a lot easier when everyone is there on time, ready for sound check etc at the time allowed for us. You may want to get there earlier & have an early dinner.

The venue for the performance


3 Wentworth Street, Port Kembla


Find your own way to the F6 Freeway & head south out of Sydney.

Take the Five Islands Road exit at Unanderra & then turn left (at the traffic lights) onto Five Islands Road

Continue along Five Islands Road for approximately 5.5 kilmotres, all the while following signs to Port Kembla

Turn right at Horne Street & then first (almost immediate) left into Wentworth Street.

The club is at 3 Wentworth Street Port Kembla.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Once again that time is near
to celebrate our Christmas cheer
A tradition that’s tried and true,
so this invitation is for you.

Idle Pops is our night of fun,
So come along everyone
Sing a song, maybe dance a jig,
It’s once a year and it is BIG

Get the act ready, plan your part,
Round 6pm we’re gonna start
This event will happen on the 9th December
Put it in your diary to make sure you remember.

Laughter food & wine will prevail
With Spirits, soft drinks and amber ale
Bring your family and your friends,
At Idle Pops the fun never ends.

A room at the Newington we’ve had to hire
For the momentous date for Sydney Pop Choir
Pay your money soon, ensure your places
We hope to see lots of friendly faces


Our Idle Pops night will be held on Sunday 9th December 2007. This is an opportunity to get together socially to celebrate our end of year, Christmas and the wonderful group that is Sydney Pop Choir. Members of Sydney Pop Choir are welcome to perform any act on the night; it doesn’t have to be singing. Let’s see what hidden talents are out there. We will have dinner there too and the invitation is certainly extended to your family and friends. The cost is $25. (Children under 16’s price will be advised soon). Please buy your own drinks there.

The members of the Pop Choir will perform two songs to kick off the evening and two songs to wrap up the evening. The latter performance will sound interesting after we have partaken of some merriment.

Idle Pops will be held at the Newington Hotel, 292 Stanmore Road Petersham. If you wish to take part in the entertainment for Idle Pops please give your name and details of your act to Matt. You will need to organise your own sheet music, music, backing CD’s etc . Sally will probably accompany us with our songs so there should be a keyboard there.

Details re children’s prices, actual start time and SPC repertoire will be posted on the blog as soon as they are finalised. In the meantime start singing, dancing, conjuring, acting, juggling, dancing, telling jokes, whatever!!

Further enquiries can be directed to any member of the Leadership Team.

“It’s all about the music!!”

Friday, October 19, 2007


Term 4 for Sydney Pop Choir has begun with some brand new repertoire and a fantastic new rehearsal venue.

We had a terrific first time rehearsal at Petersham RSL last Monday night, followed by some serious hilarity over liquid refreshments.

After a few teething problems ie
a) trying to locate the magic button to open the stage curtains so that Sally could be seen/heard at the piano
b) having the piano moved to a suitable position on the stage
c) turning the house lights up so that we were able to see and read our music,
we were off to a wonderful start. Petersham RSL Club was very helpful in getting things set up and they will do that for us each week.

It was good to welcome new and previous members. We hope you stay and enjoy all that SPC will offer.

Upcoming performances

Out of The Blue concert on Saturday 10th November 2007 in Wollongong. Venue, time & dress/costume -TBA. Repertoire :- I Want You Back, Fever/Light My Fire, Eternal Flame, Fields of Gold, Stand by Me, Brain Damage, Good Night and Farewell.

Sydney Street Choir concert on Tuesday 27th November 2007. Venue, time, costume, repertoire TBA.

It’s all about the music

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Term 4

Hi everyone at SPC.

Just a friendly reminder that we start back for Term 4 on Monday 15th October in the Auditorium at Petersham RSL, 7.30pm. Yay for us!!

We will be singing “Brain Damage” and some new repertoire with a summery/heat feel to it. Some of the songs are “Fever/Light My Fire”, Heatwave (Motown version) & Eternal Flame.

So hopefully we’ll all be there refreshed and ready to sing and learn.

The term runs for 10 weeks, though we need to have a quick chat about when we are going to finish up this year. Please pay your fees up front to ensure the continued smooth running of our group.

Remember too, that we have 2 gigs this term, one with Out Of The Blue on Saturday 10 November and the other with the Sydney Street Choir on Tuesday 27 November.

See you Monday

It’s all about the music

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